Thanks for helping us out with our APK Insight series! But first, some questions you might have…

What is this site for?

This site is run by the team at 9to5Google to serve as an easy one-stop destination for all the latest update news for Google’s first-party apps. That, and you can submit some APKs if you have them. That’d be nice!

So you don’t offer APK downloads?

Nope, not at the moment. For now, APK Insight will serve primarily as a simple content aggregator for APK Insight posts from 9to5Google.

Which apps do you want?

As of now, we’re only looking for newly-updated versions of Google apps. These include, but are not limited to, Google app, Google+, Gboard, Google Allo, Google Duo, Dialer, Messages, and more. Pretty much anything uploaded by Google LLC.

We’ll take anything, but these are the apps we’re most interested in right now:

  • Google Search app (Google app)
  • Google Photos
  • Google Phone
  • Android Messages
  • Google Allo
  • Google Duo
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Music
  • Google Maps
  • Gboard
  • Contacts

Why don’t you just download them from the Play Store?

Because the Play Store, unfortunately, doesn’t work the way we it should. Google typically slowly rolls out its app updates across various regions or devices, so someone might get the latest version of YouTube or Duo before the rest of us. If you’re that lucky person, then please use our submit form to help us out!

Why do I have to submit a .zip file? And how do I do that?

For security reasons, we’re currently restricting uploads to .zip files. We know that’s lame, and we’re working to get it sorted out ASAP.

In the meantime, all you have to do is quickly zip up the file! On a Mac, you can simply right-click the .apk file and click “Compress”. And on Windows, all you have to do is right-click the .apk file, hover over “Send to” and then click “Compressed folder”.

Do you want beta/alpha/dogfood versions of apps too?

Heck yes! Send us anything you’ve got. The dogfood-ier the better!